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Joing the Chamber of Commerce is one of the best investments you'll make.  The Chamber promotes an environment that helps maximize your business potential and profitiabilty.  We are a catalyst through which business and individuals can work together for the common good of the city and it's economic security.

In addition to having cost-effective opportunities for businesses to increase their bottom line, you also have the knowledge that you are involved in the well being of our community and making a difference.  We encourage all of our members to be actively involved in shaping the future and improving the quality of life for not only us, but those that will follow.

Types of Memberships

All memberships renew yearly. There are 4 available memberships:

Business or Corporate Membership:

Business entities, Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, Partnerships and other forms of eligible organizations may apply for a Business membership. This membership shall be in the company or business name. Each business shall have one (1) vote at the annual meeting.

Membership cost is based upon business size.

1 - 5 Full Time employees $100.00

6-10 Full Time employees $150.00

11 plus Full Time employees $200.00

Individual Membership: $50.00

Any individual may apply for an individual membership. All individual membership will have one (1) vote at the annual meeting.

Not-For Profit Membership: $50.00

Any church, club, group, or organization existing as a not-for-profit entity may apply for a Not-For-Profit membership Any Not-For-Profit organization shall have one (1) vote at the annual meeting.

Senior Membership: $30.00

Any individual sixty-two (62) years or older may apply for a Senior membership Any Senior membership shall have one (1) vote at the annual meeting.

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